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Face mask is ready to go

Yes, we have them in our warehouse and we’re ready to ship them to anywhere, with a reasonable price.

We will ship to country and region in serious problem in priority.

Please note we do not have massive quantity to ship in one time. Actually anyone who mentioned that should be government or lair.

We fight, we win!

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oraimo brand products are ready!

We’re glad to present oraimo products to you now.

Oraimo is part of TECNO brand, which is Top 1 brand in Africa. Please don’t worry, the quality is more than good and the price is reasonable. All items passed CE certificate, actually they need much more than CE, since the condition in Africa is much worse than in Europe.

We’re looking for distributors, on-line stores, off-line stores in all countries, we could start with low quantity (1 ctn for each item, 10-20pc for most of items), we will be happy to grown up with you together.The products are manufactured in China, we could deliver them to you by express, train, air, sea, or just send to your China warehouse.

If you’re off-line store shop owner, you may send us the picture of your store and your plan, we could check and make good design for your store for better presentation.

Please write to us if you’re interested in Oraimo products, our mail:

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Back to work from Chinese new year!

Hey guys, we’re back to work from Chinese new year again.

However, the factories, restaurant, even the express are still not stable.

I think the situation will last until next week.

We plan to attend the East China fair from March.1st~5th,

if you got plan to visit the fair, please don’t hesitate to let me know, maybe we could have a cup of coffee together.